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By Bluemb
I use R2000 + dtg arduino shield Arduino code  DiY_DTG_BUILD_00012

My problem is

Sending print from the PC

we press the IN button

the printer does not wait for the plate you return backStop position

immediately begins to print

what depends ?

By Bluemb
T-shirt printing back position ok (one pass)

Tshirt back position 2 pass, 1) printing ok 2) printing returning the cart

there should be a point at which said

if the truck is not in backstop position does not print

or am I wrong

I apologize for the 'English but use google translate
By Bluemb
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if (value_backStop == LOW){  
                 platenState = 2; // Send platen in   
                platenState = 3; // Send the platen to PRINT
Something similar
By Bluemb

To 1:50 printing 1 page complete

To 1:60 printing 2 page REVERSE

what is the problem ?

connection  TB6600

Signal all go to the Arduino digital pins. MAKE sure you connect the - to ground on the arduino. 

PUL / Pulse = Step signal. Every 1 signal sent makes the motor take 1 step
DIR / Direction = Write the signal LOW for 1 direction and HIGH to go the other

not conected   ENA / Enable = Sending a signal LOW or HIGH will switch the motor driver on and off.

( If I plug the buttons do not work )

the code checks before sending the 2° print job if the plate  location to backstop

or is it a problem peSignal