Collaboration on open source RIP software like gutenprint
By sujitdhumale
Hey Guy,I would like to know if anybody has ever thought or ever tried to make a dtg out of a Ricoh sg 3110 dn geljet ?If you could you tell us about your experience or any ideas in general would be appreciated.
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By Andy
The thing you need to look for is:

- Are there refillable cartridges available
- Is there RIP software if you're doing White ink
- Is it a Piezo head that you can find compatible inks for it.
By h3ff44
Thought about this..
The ink type is different.. its a gel, it has different viscosity.

Also they are only 4 colour printers.
Sawgrass have an inkset they use for small fabric based prints "fabric maker"

So if they have a solution for fabric then it is achievable to turn one into dtg.
As stated above the issue you will run into, refillable cartridges? auto reset when cartridge is empty... etc etc

The thing i do like about the Ricoh print engine (SG series) is the auto head clean functions that run every few hours.
Doesn't waste a lot of ink either.
Played with them for years as dye sub printers.
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By Andy
I wonder how that Ricoh ink compares to the Ricoh ink in the gen4 and gen5 industrial heads that have dtg inks for them
By h3ff44
For those of you who were wondering like i was..

Ricoh have solved this one already..
They will be offering an A4 based machines for DTG based on the 3110.
This was shown at PacPrint here in Australia last week.
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By h3ff44
Fuel for thought... wouldnt be hard to convert i would imagine.
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By h3ff44
But it is proof that Ricohs Gelsprinter based printers can be used as DTG printers.

From what i gather they may be releasing an A3 printer too... yes its only CMYK but non the less can suit some people.
Either way it can be good investment. 
*i might have a machine to strip and look at soon*