By overdose
one month ago, i had to sleep again in the same room were i stocked my 2 dtg printers.
smelled the toxic ink, turned mad, throwed the two printers in the garbage at 1 am.

i start to regret it. i still got the expensive inks and the heat press....
i failed to sell tees. just wanted to turn the page.
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By ddelgrande
You can turn the page without having to burn the book. 
Take a break every now and then, then begin again. ;)

This is from coming from someone who has been on the brink twice, just ready to say enough is enough.  If it wasn't for this forum and Andy's help I would have done just that.  So take a break and then begin again. 
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By Andy
overdose wrote:yeah i give up
I hate to see you go. I appreciate all of your efforts on the forum.
Good luck