By MetalGuru
I have owned a cheap gecko heat press for about 5 years or so. During that time, the heat press failed a couple times. Last week it failed again, so I thought it would be a good idea to show my trouble shooting tips.

Points of failure:

1) Wires

This was my first failure from the cheap import heatpress. The wires connecting to the heat platen detached causing the heat press to no longer warm up.

Reattach wires to the heat platen, and you will be up and running.

2) Relay

The relay switches on power when the controller senses the heat platen is below temp, then switches off temp when the platen reaches temp. My relay burnt/blew after about 4 years. Smelled like burnt electronics. Controller panel was able to power on, yet heat press would not heat up. Relay had some burning around one of the wire terminals. 

Simply replace relay and reattach wires exactly as they were on the dead relay. Got mine at a local Frys because I needed it that day. You can order them cheap off amazon also.

3) fuse

Some heat presses have a fuse in the powerplug or in the body of the press. That can blow and cause no power to the whole press.

Those are the main points of failure. If you want to add any other tips, please do.