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By JimW
From an OpenDTG/DIY perspective can anyone tell me pros/cons of printers with a moving platen and printers with a gantry printer?  I see both in the commercial world and wonder if there are any inherent strengths or weaknesses in either of the designs.  I have to confess the idea of the NeoFlex 2's continuous printing while swapping out platens is intriguing but I don't know how well it works in practice.  Omniprint's Freejet videos tout the gantry system making registration more accurate but lately I hear more about their wetcap station as being their differentiator.

I am doing research at this point and plan to build a single platen system first following the well-trodden paths already traveled but at some point I would like to build a multi-platen system.

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By Andy

You do get more production out of a printer doing it the neoflex style. 

Moving the printer you can have a larger print area but you also will have to build a stronger more powerful drive system since it is more weight.

The moving printer model will also more than likely cost more money to build.