Introduce yourself and what brought you here.
As my username suggests I'm looking at building a DTG printer, then adding a UV LED and UV ink (including white ink) so we can print directly on wood.  
Of course, the first step to that, is making the DTG printer :)

My day job is designing circuit boards, mainly for PICs and 8051s, and writing the embedded C to run them.  I haven't done any Arduino stuff yet, so that should be fun.

From what I've gathered, once the printer is stripped down and the base & platen are built, your AIO card will then control a stepper motor to move the platen, as well as mimic other signals to the printer, correct?  We're looking at modifying an R3000 to start with.

Thanks for the resources here.  This should be fun.
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By Andy

Your experience will help you alot. 
Our two R3000s showed up today.  They were both used off of craigslist.  One of them tested fine.  The other tested... weird.  

When I print a nozzle check, the Cyan group has zero lines.  Nothing.  A few cleaning cycles later and still nothing.  But, if I print a color test of pure Cyan, it comes out just fine?  I do have another unopened cartridge I could try, but I'm confused as to why the nozzle check shows nothing at all, while it's apparently capable of printing the same color.

I'm still waiting on my parts from openbuilds and from here, so in the meantime I'll start tearing down the one that does seem to work.