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i captured the usb data, and think after reading the r3000 raster pdf, that there is a time when the printer automatically clean the head.
i suspect the head cleaning command simply configure the printer with a date in the future, so it clean the head.

ok complete fail, in the screen it set the current date.

download the latest wireshark it directly support USB capture.
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    $printerPath = "\\\\OVERDOSE\\epsonst1400";
    $cleanCode =  //init command
                  "\x1b\x40\x1b\x40".  //ESC @ reinit ?
                  //remote mode command set timer
                  //exit remote mode
                  //remote command end job
                  //exit remote mode
    echo "sending file to printer...\n";
    system("copy toprint.txt ".$printerPath." /B");
ok tried to send the data and it do the head cleaning on my 1400, but i need to modify it so it set the correct time. else my printer live in the past.