DIY DTG printers without additional electronics added.
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By rickyride
Hello Guys ,
first thanks to Andy for this Forum :)

This my firsts project diy dtg an epson 1400 in friction mode with alumium; i  would share it since i posted video, but never had time to do it.
So i ll try to put some infos days after days

First this what i used :

Aluminium L bacrket 30 mm (For the platen)
Aluminium square 100*100 mm  Lenght 1000 mm (Support the printer)
aCuride rails 600mm (mooving platen)
Shaft Guide Support Brackets (support of bearing)
Bearing 8 X 16 X 5Mm  (for the original paper shaft)
Labjack for height adjustement

Instead of the paper sensor i used the APG SENSOR but wiring and connection should be changed

i ll be back for more information
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By Andy
Very nice build. I'm extremely impressed with the white ink coverage you're getting out of a 1400.
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By rickyride
thanks it was with refillable cartridge not CIss and about 160% of white ink on Acrorip
Resolution 2880/1440 dpi
and good pretreatment

I do prefer Acrorip than ekprint
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By Andy
I've seen AcroRIP all over alibaba and 

Do you know who actually makes it? It would be nice to buy from the source and know you're getting a clean copy.
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By rickyride
This how i used the ASF part
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By rickyride
and here some pictures of this printer
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