Collaboration on open source RIP software like gutenprint
By overdose
ok i publish my buggy attemp at printing png. it just don't work and print some dots while using the old esc/p-2

- change pixel to dots conversion algorithm, actually do 16 pass for each color, while acrorip do 1 pass for each color.
i suspect the conversion simply calculate space between each dot color by average value of pixel color.
- only use the new raster command, we found the pdf for the r3000 raster command.
- figure out the correct setting for dpi. we only have the pdf for old printer using 360 dpi max.
- debug everything.

i use abdada method to copy the printing file to the shared printer locally. so you need to share your printer while under windows.
for linux i bet you simply change the last copy command to "cp file /dev/lp0", while using the correct path of your printer.

you need to install php cli, and enable gd2 extension in php config. or under linux install gd2 package
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