Show off your tshirt printer and flatbed UV printer builds and modifications
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By Andy
mikeeman2000 wrote:
Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:14 pm
That’s really cool! Looks like you can do multiple shirts. Will this ever be for sale as a complete or a kit? Also that red plate in front of the printer is that a platen height indicator? Can you provide the width of the piece?

I'm not sure about a kit.. If there is demand I would be but it also is a more expensive by quite a bit.
By tjello
Thanks for the picture. Looks cool :)

I got some of these that I got for another project that I never used;
Could use one of them on each side to move the printer plate on and the a lead screw in the middle of it..

Then using one of the v-slot rails in the middle to have the platen on..
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