Show off your tshirt printer and flatbed UV printer builds and modifications
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By Andy
I get asked quite a bit about whether or not a moving printer is possible.

Of course it is and I've been playing around some. Here is a little preview of what you can do with OpenDTG products and code.
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By mikeeman2000
That’s really cool! Looks like you can do multiple shirts. Will this ever be for sale as a complete or a kit? Also that red plate in front of the printer is that a platen height indicator? Can you provide the width of the piece?

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By Andy
gater06 wrote:
Sat Feb 17, 2018 11:26 am
Andy, do you have any video how it works?
This was after I added a platen and was doing a test print to show printing from a standard program like google docs
By tjello
Nice! :)

I think I'll try to build something like this.. But I need it to move a shorter distance and make a platen that I can just slide underneath. I have about 90 cm of depth where I can have the printer and I need to make a small box around the printer for climate control so I won't be able to move it too far..

Are you using a belt or a lead screw?

Is the plate in the base there going all the way through or is it only attached to the side? Got some more pictures showing this?
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By Andy
Not sure if this picture helps.

The big thick plate that the printer rides on is 1 piece that rides on a linear rail / carriage system.

If you look at the old T-jet Blazer Pro it was a moving printer but the platens were on a "drawer" type platform that could be pulled out and pushed in manually.

I used a belt out of ease for what I had on hand. A ballscrew would be the better way to do it.
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