Show off your tshirt printer and flatbed UV printer builds and modifications
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By mdrincic
Hi Everyone!

Today I will start the modification of the Epson 4900. I'll go step by step because there is no video or instruction anywhere. Use only the service manual supplied by the 2manuals. I'have this printer almost 2 years. I bought him with a clogged print head. The print head is unclogged and we'll go further. I also bought refill cartridges. I hope I will succeed in my intentions. I will try to photograph everything. The only thing I know is that some people have succeeded in that and you have that in the videos at the bottom. Also, Acrorip has settings for the Epson 4900 along with 6 white channels.

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By mdrincic
Hi Everyone

As I wrote in post before i have started with modification of Epson 4900. It was almost two months ago but i have been very busy with my other projects. Now is better time!
I have a lot of pictures from the first opening. i will post them tomorrow.
Well, the first thing i saw after i opened the printer is a lot of space for working and cutting. Similar situation is on Epson pro 4000 and 4800 series. The other thing I've noticed is the many different sensors, mainly physical. So, i have service manual and i hope not to be so hard to find every sensor position and type.
Most of Epson 4900 users said that they have troubles with print head clogging. That is true. Before i stared modification printhead was clogged at all. There were no ink comming out. Print head were cleaned with amonia based glass cleaner Ajax. I saw that some users use Windex in USA with good results too. After first clean four colors come out and after second one, other six. That is good. We've will see, after modification. Same as in Epson 4800 it is about 70 centimiters of ink tubes between ink cartidges and printhead. They have to be emptied before cleaning process or any modification or you will play "dirty game" with your printer. :) You need Epson adjustment software for ink ejecting.
That is for now. I will post few pictures of modification tomorrow.


P.S. I hope you unterstud me because English is not my native language.
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