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By ddelgrande
So I want to print three separate sections on the back of a t-shirt. Near the neck, I will print a logo; in the middle, I will print a graphic and on near the bottom hem of the shirt I will print text.

The total distance is roughly 24" and the DIY Pretreater I built has a 24" platen. But my DIY P600 platen is not 24" long and I don't want to have to rebuild the base and extend the pulley system and then tweak EKPrint studio to print over a 24" long area. I know this all can be done but at this point, I really don't want to go through that hassle.

Any ideas how to print these three separate areas in multiple passes without screwing things up?
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By Andy
You might have to do it in 3 separate prints to get it to line up correctly with the neck and hem.

I'd charge 3 print location charges for something like that.
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By ddelgrande
So I guess I would pretreat the section for the logo and print, then pretreat the section at the hem and print and then do the graphic in the middle.

This is for my own t-shirt line selling online.

What I'm thinking is I pre-treat and print the logo on a bunch of shirts since that won't change. Then pretreat and print the hem line with text and the design. That would cut it to a two step print process.

Does that make sense?