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By Zinalias
Hi, i have a Epson L800 and a T50 (which are basically the same printer), I'de like to make them Uv printers.
Other than changing the inklines to black ones and adding a Uv lamp and inks, is there another modification that's needed?
Does anybody knows a tutorial on this?

(i'll be printing cds and cards, the T50 and L800 already have a cd/card tray so i'll like to keep using that to avoid making a flatbed.)

By Travb1999
After HEAVILY looking into this in recent weeks (Converting a 1430 but keeping sheetfed) I have learned to RUN from Chinese inks as they are a little on the harsher side. also stick to uv ink rated lines and tanks if using ciss as just painting them black does NOT suffice it will eat them. Apparently these inks have a "slight" solvent base to them. not harsh enough to damage the head but improper lines and tanks.