My ShorTee's Printhead broke, so I contacted my Romanian Polyprint Distributor and also a Epson Distributor to buy a printhead (P600)

Sadly with no luck, they said that they don't have it on stock and that maybe it will be in stock next year.
Considering that this is my Job and it is the best period of the year, I needed a printhead NOW to be able to ship my orders. So I Bought a Full SC-P600 printer, and I thought that I'm going to change the print head my self.

As you may already think, it did not work out. The pinter has not started, it gave me an Error Code 0x44 so it did not start the initialising.
I replaced the Printers (ShorTee's ) Main Bord With the printer P600 that I bought and leaved the old broken Printhead in it, to see if I get the same ERROR CODE like before. The printer started, didn't get the ERROR.

Can someone PLEASE help me with this issue??? What Can I do?
Is there some way to resolve the problem, to do some Firmware update to the ShorTee's MainBoards so my printer recognises the Head and to be able to use my printer.

I'm really frustrated because of the Romanian Distributor and also The manufacturer Polyprint not to be able to supply a freaking print head, and not to know when they are going to have it on stock.
You buy a product from them and if you have a problem Resolve it yourself if you can or wait and lose money because they don't care.

Thanks in advance,