Discuss different size and style shirt platens along with holders for other substrates and items.
By clivelaw
Hi All I did message the chap who made this Laser height adustment circuit but have had no reply as yet,
But I did find this sample code, from a seller on ebay who is selling the laser transmitter and receiver modules they are very cheap.
This is the item number. 332046948934 I hope this helps someone.
Sample code below.

void setup ()
pinMode (13, OUTPUT); / / define the digital output interface 13 feet
void loop () {
digitalWrite (13, HIGH); / / open the laser head
delay (1000); / / delay one second
digitalWrite (13, LOW); / / turn off the laser head
delay (1000); / / delay one second
By Hotpuppy
One of the challenges for the 3d printers is that the two motors have to be kept in sync. This can be more challenging than it would seem. I think a master/follower arrangement with a belt to hold sync would be better.

The Freejet (Omni aka Korea) moves the printer which is an interesting way to do it.... they also use ink bottles. I suspect they are pumping cleaning solution into the capping station to do the "wet capping" which would be pretty easy to do with a couple of valves.

For height sensing the cheapest solution is probably ultrasonic. It's widely used in robotics and the sensors are cheap and reliable. It's also widely used in volatile liquids management (i.e tank full of acetone or gasoline).

Just a few thoughts.