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By uhim
Hi, I want to share how I solved the problem with the power of the engine. When I assembled my printer, the epson T1100 ran into a problem, the engine worked well when printing, but when the printer finished printing and the table ran out for a flogging the motor at the time of the motion, the PF encoder motion was pummeling. I decided to put two stepper motors. I connected two stepper motors according to the Parallel connection scheme. There was a difficulty in synchronizing the two thrusters.
Another option for connecting the motor on the principle of serial connection
I will be happy if someone helped my topic. Forgive me for my English.
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The subject line suggests you solved the problem, but your post is kind of the opposite.  So, i am assuming you are looking for input or comments.....

If your goal is to drive the two motors in sync, the parallel connection is the way to go, however, your motor driver circuit needs to be able to handle 2x the rated motor winding current.  Those steppers look pretty big to me, but if the required mechanical torque is low, you can of course drive them with much less current.
By uhim
I do not pursue any goal, I just shared my decision to increase the power of the engine. You can certainly buy one powerful engine, but there were two weak engines at hand and I solved this problem and divided it with you.