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Hey guys, I'm in the process of installing this (note the pic with the kit installed below):
https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/ ... 47757.html


What I didn't realize is that the 3 greenchips behind the ink cartridge tray don't plug directly into this resetter... the kit came with ribbon connectors that look like they attach to the 5-point gold contacts behind the chips... I'm not an electronics guy, but I do TIG weld and some rare soldering (custom motorcycle hobby)... that said, I have no idea what technique is used here. :/

Here's a pic with one of the connectors laying next to the gold contacts... how exactly do I attach these??
Can someone please find me an electronics youtube video showing how this is accomplished? I've tried, can't find this specific technique (and don't know what it's called??)



Thanks guys, I'm kinda under the gun to get this printer back together... I still need to figure out the cartridge damper (DX4)  /  printhead damper (DX7) mods I'm planning during this teardown... I hate not being able to source answers for myself, but this is a bit too far out of my jargon wheelhouse (and there's no room for mistakes, I'm running from the Devil here! :twisted:).

Can someone with an electronics background enlighten me? Please. :)

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Yeah, it seems a bit much... these are really tiny, and there's 9 posts per connector... that's 81 tiny-ass solder points to not mess up. :/

I assume the solder can't drip (crossover) onto another gold contact point either... sound about right?

That's almost impossible with my skillset.

There's gotta be a tactic for this type of connection... anybody have ideas?
 I would think it would be easier to use some solder paste or flux with your solder and tin the pcb connections first also use some flux on the little sockets and tin them with solder aswell,
being carefull not to join the little socket pins together otherwise you will create a short between the pins.
once you have tined both the pcb conection and sockets, I would use some thin double sided tape on the plastic side of the sockets so that you can position them first ready for soldering.
In conclusion they do look a bit tricky but as long as you can see them properly and keep the soldering iron tip clean and use soldering flux  you shold be ok, or just get somebody else to do it with good soldering skills.
hope this helps
good luck.
Yeah, that last part is what I decided on...

I could muddle through this, but my soldering skills aren't great (and this setup is prone to failure).

I managed to find a cell phone store with a micro-soldering guy... he wasn't thrilled, but he's doing it!

Just waiting on the results... I'll post a closeup pic of the work once I get it back!

Thanks for the advice guys!
Hi I was thinking of the hot air gun you can buy them on ebay very cheaply now, I use to have to work with one when resoldering smd components ics e.c.t all you need to then do is set he correct temperature on the hot air gun paste some solder paste on the sockets and it will make a very clean professional job.
I was going to suggest this in the first place but I was unsure of you soldering skills.
Anyway good luck with it and please let me know how you get on.
Well... FML! :|

Got everything put back together, machine lights up and appears to be working fine... except for this error:


Since I use dampers now, there's no chip seating anymore... it's all handled by this chip resetter contraption:


I've contacted the manufacturer, but it's China, there's was no instructions with this thing to begin with... I'm seriously stuck.

Besides, I'm not sure it's even a problem with the chip resetter exactly... the chip resetter WORKS, when i flick the cartridge cover switch and hit the reset button, all the red "X" disappear and it prompts me to close the cover... but then when it goes to check the carts, I get the same persistent error above.

There's only three ribbon cables to this whole mod, literally just the three small greenboards pulled from the back of the old cartridge holder and mounted to that wood... so technically, nothing has changed except the greenboards are no longer physically sitting inside the machine... and the soldering, etc... but the resetter works on ALL the carts, so I kinda doubt that's the problem.

I'm hoping someone with a bit more experience in the electronics aspect of these machines might have some ideas where it's going wrong? I really don't know how to approach this problem.

Thanks for ANY suggestions or insights, this has stopped me dead in my tracks and is kinda scaring the shit outta me! LOL!