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msheffield wrote:
Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:44 pm
This DIY DTG forum has a huge amount of knowledge to be had although it is a little confusing with all the updates not knowing when each one was implemented into the line of posts on here. Just to make sure I am on the right course, I just ordered the AIO ARM V2 and other than cutting and splicing the two connectors to input the board in the middle of then plugging the plugs and ribbon cables in is there any other things that need to be done as far as wiring / the board goes? As in anything soldered to it or any grounds that need to be connected? I have read there were in other versions I guess but I can not find anywhere that states this is needed or not needed on the newest board. Thanks, this forum has been a huge asset so far!!
No soldering is required with the ARM V2 board.
hai andy, saya sudah membaca hampir keseluruhan topik ini, saya sudah memesan keangotaan seumur hidup, tapi saya bingung kemana saya harus bayar, saya tidak punya ebay, bolehkah saya membayar secara langsung ke rekening andy
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