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By banji
is on the forum anyone who can make any instruction how building pretreatment "for dummies"
I would to building pretreatment machine but I don't have idea how do this.
please help:)
I don't think there is a step by step guide to build a pretreater anywhere on the internet. If you are a serious builder and want to complete a build then the only option is to buy Andys kit from the store . This will give you the best head start as you will have support from the forum. DIY pretreaters are fairly new to the DTG world i only know of 2 and thats my machine and Andys. I could give you my code but i don't think it would do much as you would need to order the PCB and solder the board yourself also i cant give much support on the build. If you truly want to do a build go with Andy , Excellent support forum and pre made boards! 
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By Andy
sonyoasis is correct that there aren't any full tutorials or kits for pretreaters yet. However, the kit we sell does address the hardest part of the build which is the electronics, code, pump and spray system.