Post here any Epson error codes or other problems you need help troubleshooting
By ScottB724
DIY printer was working fine. But never progressed far enough along to install and print with my DTG inks. Was doing head cleanings That night and running low on cleaning solution, so I used distilled water to finish the job. Well, left printer on over night and when I went to restart the printer the next morning to resume so I could load inks and do my first print, it went straight to error 0x90 and has never been the same. WIC reset says it's an error 0x90, which isn't even an Epson error. Here's the kicker. I had a spare r3000. So I replaced the board thinking it was a bad board. Didn't work. Then I changed power supply. Still no fix. I decided to skip all the trial and error and just convert the spare 3000 I had and it STILL getting the same error. The ONLY common denominator was the AiO board so I assumed it HAD to be the AiO board. But it wasn't. Please let me make clear that it was NOT the AiO board that was at fault or faulty. I am in no way saying that.  At least not to my knowledge and I'm very confident in that. I personally believe I somehow damaged the second Epson board due to a possible failing power supply since I didn't also swap the power supply simultaneously with the Epson board. I just don't/can't understand how an Epson board can go bad eovernight when being completely left alone. Any suggestions, experience, help? I bought an extra AiO board so now I have two. I'm ready to just scrap that project and start with a new 3000 because I feel like I'm spreading a flu through these components. Every one that touches another becomes infected. With the (less complexity than Epson boards) in contrast to the AiO boards tho, I feel both of my AiO's are safe from this (bug). Part of me feels like these Epson boards are salvageable - considering I HAD it all working before I went to bed (it was left UNTOUCHED ALL NIGHT) that night and wake up to 

I apologize for the long post but complex matters and every little detail can be important.