By bert01980
Hello to all,
It is my first project in modifying a printer, but I have experience with both Arduino and mechanics in general ...
could you please help me find the information for the project?

thanks to any information
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By Andy
If you look through the forum there are a couple people that have messed with the 3880.

I don't have one so I can't be of much help.

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By rickyride
3880 is big project even with experience in dtg diy

there is a big differnce with a3 and a4 printer is it not standart setting

but all the logic is same

hacking pe sensor, keep asf module as is it, take siganl for pf sensor, cut epson structure, cut asf shaft, there is a few videos on youtube.

But you need to know your base need to be stable and with good size, take time to understand how all work

NB there not realy all information to build one, even UFO give almost all but there is a few info missing
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By rickyride
unfortunly there poor information about 3800 and 3880 that's why i simplier to built R3000 or P600,  almost video are with printer already finish, there is some guys here who built with this 3880 epson. 

i n not able to help you more, i built it 3 years ago it's was hard job even for guys experimented