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By Zinalias
Hi everyone, im Balam from El Grullo Jalisco, Mexico. 
I've done screen printing and airbrushing mainly on tshirts for many years, but didn't knew about DTG until 8 months ago, and I get caught, i've been investigating on this ever since, actually i'm almost 70-80% of my time on this now.
i've been reading and asking in this forum for a while, it's been a ride so far, and now it's time, i'm starting my first DIY DTG Printer and i'm nervous xD never done a project like this, some furniture, skateboards, home stuff... but never messed with electronics or programming. Fortunately i have a couple of friends that will help with that.

I'm going to use the AIO OpenDTG board, already have it in my hands :D 
as far as i searched (arround 4 more options) this looks like the most reliable, so i think i'm going to end up with a great machine. 
Right now i have the rail finished and working on the base of the printer, tomorrow will start to set up the printer and then tearing it apart.
Will take some pics and maybe videos to share highlights of the process hoping to contribute to this forum.

Thanks to Andy for such a great place for DIY DTG, and also to every one sharing and contributing here, keep up the good work guys!
Thanks again!