Introduce yourself and what brought you here.
By barbudaniel
Hi from Romania!

My name is Daniel and started working on my DTG project 2 weeks ago.
First I started with an EPSON L310 just to know the main parts of the printer and maybe to make it work as a flatbed printer even if it can't pe properly be used because of the printheads. The next steps are to finish and have at least 1 print with the L310 ( if I will finish it ) and then to find a proper printer to work with.

Also I bought a manual for 1400 from UNIDTG but a forum is a lot better place where I can post updates of the projects and discuss with others about them.

Off topic from the DTG project, I want to mention that as daily work I'm a graphic designer ( the best part for my DTG project ) and web designer.
By barbudaniel
Andy wrote:
Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:23 pm

Feel free to share your build progress and ask for any help.
I will open a thread with photos from the current printer that I'm building ( EPSON L310 )