Introduce yourself and what brought you here.
By rektefiyebirey
Hello everybody (specially to Andy)

This is Can from Turkey. I found this forum a week ago and immediately started to dig it up :) 

First of all i want to say thank you to all of the members for great forum. 

I am not here for T-shirt printer. I am planning to built a RC controled Printer robot which can print every surface. 
I am newbie on this and i got messy brain because of lots of Googling :)

I hope i can ask a questions .:) As i noticed due to purpose of this forum (DIY-T-shirt printing device) every topic is related with Epson Printers . I have Canon which means that i am trying to hack the system which means that i have to understand everthing to bypass the sensors with arduino . If you can guide me where to open a topic . I would be really greatfull to get asisstance from you as a mentor :)

Thanks and happy to be here :)
By lcturkey
Hi Can,
Welcome to forum. l am also living in Turkey. What you mean RC printer robot ? Where do you want to use it and is there any sample about your Project ?
Thank you.