Hi, does anyone have try this?
https://www.wic.support/how-to-make-eps ... s-anymore/

Its some sort of Firmware update that avoids reading the chips of the cartridges and just shows ink levels at 100% all the time, no matter if the cartridges are empty so this is one of the risks, but it avoids the need to reset the chips anymore. You can do ink flush anytime and other functions that requires high ink levels.
Another down side of this is that the only way to check your ink levels will be by taking off the cartridges and physically check them. Or, you could make it an advantage by (regardless of its actual level) refilling the carts continually to full with out taking the carts off (don't know if all the carts allow you to do so but some carts like inkjetcarts do).
I believe it will be very handy for anyone with dampers instead of carts too.

Also it's cheaper than a Chip Reseter, it's just $20.

Anyways, just want to know if someone have tried this with success, giving the mods to a DTG printer i wonder if any 0x72, 0x42 or any other error could come up

I changed my question, you mean this firmwares: AT23F3 and AT26FB? 1st is older and last one is newer right?
yesterday i got on the chat with someone in that website and they didn't pointed any type of issue as long as the printer where printing fine and normally, recognizing the cartridges and having enough ink to make a print. I mentioned it was for my P600, but didn't mentioned it was for a DTG one so...

well anyway, i just find out i cant install the newest WIC Reset soft cause of my osx version, and in windows Wic Reset doesn't recognize my printer, so this option is off for me for the moment. guess i'll go with the regular method.