By sitoplasmat
Hai, i want to ask. Before we open all screw in printer to modiefied become DTG printer, did we need test fill textile ink first and test run the printer or will build DTG frist, then after complete finish, then fill in textile ink to this DTG printer.

which one is true? before or after?
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By reptilesink
Build and test using the standard inks first.
Once everything is set up and working correct then flush and put the textile inks in.
By Kjamil
No offence but What’s the rationale behind?
If textile ink go first, what challenges we will have?
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By ddelgrande
The idea is you first have to run the printer before you start its conversion to DTG. If you don't do that you run into initialization errors. There's a thread somewhere on OpenDTG that explains the process.

Since you're going to have to buy new refillable cartridges for your textile inks you might as well use the stock inks for testing purposes.

Note it's a good idea to buy two sets of refillable cartridges, one for the textile inks and one for cleaning solution. I learned that you have to change out the refillable cartridges as a set.

Hope that helps.
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By reptilesink
Another reason it makes sense to change after is if you run into problems or it takes longer than expected then you will have white textile ink sat in the head without the ability to maintain it so when you do get up and running you will have a clogged head.
By Kjamil
Thanks. Having two set of ink cart is wonderful no doubt about it. This make sense, leaving white ink in head without operation conditions could end with new challenges.