By tstar
I'm wondering if anybody here ever tried to print with success with DTG colors over a white screen printed underbase.
I had good results with plastisol + ecosolvent inks then I tried with a water  but colors don't have adherence.
I see on internet someone is selling this kind of hybrid system so I think it should be actually possible.
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By Andy
I've done it in the past and used it with my Belquette mod 1 at the time.

You can put additives in some plastisols to make it work but the best is to get waterbased white screen print ink.

I had great wash results and cured in screen print dryer.
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By Andy
Roizera wrote:
Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:39 am
Has anyone had advancements on this? Where would I start on getting things registered?
You need a pin system or something so you can put your platen on the screen press and the dtg with it always going back into the same place.

Then you print the cmyk on a shirt on the DTG, take that to the screen press to align the underbase.