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By Zinalias
Surely this is not the topic for this issue anymore but i haven't find the right one so if you point me a little bit i'll keep the conversation there. Thanks

I tightened the belt until the motor had a hard time to move the platter, then loosed it a bit, seems to work better but find this: at 720x720 and 1440x1440 resolution it prints just fine, but at 1440x720 the motor moves abruptly and the image ends overlapped and shrinked, needless to say shaky cause the whole printer shakes like the hell. turn back the resolution to 720x720 or 1440x1440 and it prints cool again. Does this makes any sense? any idea?

On the other side it still not line up the prints, it's like 1/4 of inch off and on vertical axis. looks like at the start it skips a bit cause sometimes it makes sort of the same sound than when it moves abruptly, but just once at the start, or maybe in other moments but i hasn't affected me the print.
I'll make some tests today and share a video so you can feel it better.
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