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Vertical Banding

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I have many Epson P800 printers, but in one of them, the last days I'm getting a vertical banding in my prints when I print at 720x1440. Usually I print at this resolution because it is better for my workflow. This vertical banding disappears when I print at 1440x1440. Do you have any idea why this could be happening ?? The only adjustment that I did for that printer was the print head height adjustment. I already cleaned and replaced the encoder and aligned the print head.

Imagen de WhatsApp 2023-09-14 a las 16.42.17.jpg

Imagen de WhatsApp 2023-09-14 a las 16.45.36.jpg

Imagen de WhatsApp 2023-09-14 a las 16.41.39.jpg

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22 hours ago, anum11 said:

Your ink assembly may need a flush and maybe some dampers need replacement.

Interesting, i guess dampers can't be, since i just replaced all the dampers. But... ink assembly... could be, but can you explain to me the logic behind this please ?? Thanks a lot for the advice.

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a bad head alignment can do this, did you know exactly what you were doing, or when aligning the marks did you guess? Print an exact size box ( like 4”x4”) then measure it with a caliper, is the image any amount longer than 4” exactly, in the feed direction? 

did this machine suffer from a head strike, which you believe it has recovered fully from? 

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On 9/28/2023 at 12:54 AM, Carlos4072 said:

I did the flush, and again replaced the dampers. No improvement. Any other advice ?

Printhead itself may be stiffed. In that case ı manually flush printhead and printhead adaptor until it soften. But it is a risky process.

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