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What Is The Heat Press Machine?

Nicole Ni

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1. Heat Press classification

Heat Press is divided into two types based on its pressure principle, one is the straight headpress, and the other is shaking the head presse. The straight board Heat Press is suitable for graphic products with little pressure on pressure. It is also a kind of Heat Press that is currently used on the market. Determine at the distance from the fulcrum.

2. the technical principles of Heat Press

The technical principles of Heat Press are mainly the principle of heating. In fact, the Heat Press can be regarded as a huge heating equipment. It uses its built -in heating pipe to use the heat transfer ink to the product during the heat transfer process.

3. Choice of Heat Press

The choice of Heat Press is mainly judged from the following aspects:

1. The number of thermal pipes;

2. The temperature density of heating plate heating;

3. Whether the number display;

4. Stress;

5. Safety performance;

6. The reputation of the manufacturer.

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