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The Main Cause Of Air Bubbles In The Screen Printing Process

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①Poor product handling before silk screen printing. Substances such as dust and oil stains adhere to the surface of the substrate.

② Bubbles in the ink. In order to adjust the ink, when adding solvents and additives for stirring, some air bubbles will be mixed in the ink. If left alone, the ink with low viscosity will degas naturally, while the ink with high viscosity will not degas naturally. Some of these bubbles are naturally eliminated due to the transfer of ink during printing, while others are getting bigger and bigger. In order to remove these bubbles, a defoamer should be used. The amount of defoamer added to the ink is generally about 0.1 to 1%. If it exceeds the specified amount, it will play a foaming role.

Even if the ink is foamed after transfer, as long as the wetness of the substrate and the fluidity of the ink are good, the bubbles on the surface of the printing ink film will gradually disappear, and the ink will form a flat printing ink film If the ink bubbles are not eliminated, the ink film will form a ring-shaped uneven film surface. Generally, when the air bubbles in the ink pass through the screen, they can be degassed due to the action of the screen. , hot water or boiling water will have a better defoaming effect when mixing and stirring the ink.

For transparent inks such as red, blue, and green, because the proportion of organic pigments in the microparticles is small, the binders of these inks have the characteristics of easy foaming. If the corresponding diluent, tackifier or tack remover is added, the ink can also be transformed into a stable ink with good printability.

③Silk printing processing speed is too fast or printing speed is uneven. Properly reduce the printing speed to maintain the uniformity of the printing speed.

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