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Sublimation Paper Vs Transfer Paper, Who Is Better For T-shirts Customized ?

Nicole Ni

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Sublimation paper can only be used on polyester fabrics. It is best to use polyester-cotton blended fabrics with more than 30% cotton. The color is suitable for white or light-colored clothes. The ink locked by the sublimation paper will be absorbed onto the clothes under the action of heat and press to complete the pattern transfer.

The material composition of transfer paper includes ink-absorbing layer and glue layer. Therefore, it is good for printing on cotton, polyester and polyester blend fabrics. Light-colored transfer paper corresponds to light-colored clothing, and dark-colored transfer paper corresponds to dark-colored clothing. The transfer paper will form an extra layer on the clothes and will not be directly adsorbed on the clothes

In terms of durability, sublimation paper is better than transfer paper

In terms of the material and color versatility of clothes, transfer paper is better than sublimation paper

So, Which paper would you choose for a custom t-shirt?

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