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Ink channel issue

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I am so new to DTF, I really wanna love acrorip software but I seriously just can’t at the moment. I have an Epson ET-8550 and the colors are all wrong. Can someone please help me. We had the colors KWCYMW. Customer service said we had the color channels wrong so we changed them to WWKCMY, this is not right either. I’m wasting more ink than I can afford and would be very grateful if someone could help!

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Hello! I don't have experience with the ET-8550, but I do have success with Epson DTF in general. (XP-15000 W/ EKPrint)

Your initial channel configuration was logical, I'm not sure why Customer Support told you otherwise. Granted the rip should be able to setup multiple configs. To keep it clean, KWCYMW would be best. It's even shown on their site under their latest release notes.


-Did you flush the lines/head with flushing fluid & dedicated cleaning carts in between channel swaps or when changing to DTF? On new printer setups and in between swaps, I usually do up to 8 head cleanings, along with wetting the capping station with cap solution to clean the face of the printhead, to completely flush the lines.

-Are the colors not printing/wildly inaccurate? Or are the colors just not vibrant? If the latter, color profiling takes some finessing. Since all printers and environments are different, this is one of the most critical steps in accurate color rendition. I still find myself proofing way out-of-gamut colors to print correctly (specifically greens and oranges)

Hopefully someone using Acrorip will chime in and help you better than I can. I know this is a basic checklist, but if you're at least getting the software to connect with the printer, you've won half the battle. 

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Thank you for answering... my colors are wonderful and bright... they just are not right... at first everything looked right except it was putting a black undercoat instead of a white one, that’s why they told us to change it. Now we get the white under but every color other than that is wrong. Example: what should be blue is red, what should be red is yellow and honestly I have no idea where the black is. However I do think we are going to go back to the original design of KWCYMW... and start over

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