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DTF Mini shaker relay and other concerns.

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1 hour ago, PacStyle said:


Johson4, incredible information.  Thanks so much for taking the time to put it together and share.   I'd love to follow your advice and replace those relays.  Would you mind sharing the part numbers?  BTW- No rubber grommet for roll motor cable on mine either.  I also have scorching on one of the relays.  I've also been puzzled by the mystery fluid.  Mine mostly runs down the front / roll side of the machine, but often gets on the underside of the film and really messes things up on otherwise flawless prints.  It occasionally makes its way to the powder bin.   Unrelated note.  I saw that the Audley shaker has an anti-static ionizer bar to cut down on excess powder due to static.  I can't find a cost appropriate bar sized for the mini-shaker, but am going to try an anti-static ionizer fan ($58) lightly hitting the film at different points.  I'll check back with results.   I'm guessing there's even more of a static charge issue in dry climates like PHX?  I'm not sure if I'm reading it all right, but seems to me like if you have too much humidity, then the humidity itself causes excess powder to feed through. Little to no humidity means there's more static, which also pulls excess powder through. Thanks again.   

A comparison side by side, the clear one is genuine. 





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