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Curing or INK Problems...

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1 hour ago, SarahBeth said:

When you say “cleaning carts” what’s does that refer to? New to the DTF world. 

Cleaning carts-cleaning “ink” cartridges, filled with cleaner instead of ink to clean the printhead/store the printer. Same as a regular cartridge, just dedicated to cleaner instead of ink.

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When you say “cleaning carts” what’s does that refer to? New to the DTF world. 

A set of ink cartridges that only have cleaning fluid in them.

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On 4/26/2021 at 1:10 PM, JTS said:

Ya.  I totally forgot I had a nice Oster tabletop convection oven from when I closed my arcade. I baby any equipment I buy, so it's in like new condition.  I kept the box, so when I closed the arcade, I just gave it a quick clean and packed it away.  On Friday I stopped at Walmart on the way home from work to get an oven.  I was pissed they didn't have the one I wanted.  Then I remembered I had that one in storage.  Glad I did.  Saved me from spending another $100.  Below is a link to the one I have.  I like it better than the one I was going to buy.  For the amount of shirts I currently sell and give away for promos, it will work great.  I'll use it until I need to upgrade to a better system.  It has a digital timer, so it's simple to time the cure.


What time and temp are you using with this oven?  


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