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Making a UV printer With a P800


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Is it possible to make a UV printer with the P800? 


I'm not necessarily looking to modify it for flatbed printing, Rather leave it as stock as possible for paper printing. The main thing that I'm still confused about is the Ink system, and what needs done with it to handle the inks. 

Reptile's LED's look great, So I'll probably go that route. 


Anyway, I know stuff is posted everywhere and this has been asked, just looking for any updated information out there. 



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11 minutes ago, reptilesink said:

Yes the P800 can be used for uv.

The best way is to get chipless firmware installed.

Remove the standard dampers and fit uv dampers with uv ink lines going off to uv ink tanks.

Awesome, Chipless is always a must.

So the whole OEM damper system must go, do you have a recommendation for what to use in its place? Does the head manifold and capping station do okay with it? 

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On 24/07/2020 at 15:16, johnson4 said:

É possível fazer uma impressora UV com a P800? 


Não estou necessariamente procurando modificá-lo para impressão em mesa, mas deixe-o o mais possível para impressão em papel. O principal motivo de confusão ainda é o sistema Ink, e o que é necessário para lidar com as tintas. 

Os LEDs dos répteis estão ótimos, então provavelmente vou seguir esse caminho. 


De qualquer forma, eu sei que coisas são postadas em todos os lugares e isso foi solicitado, apenas procurando por informações atualizadas por aí. 



Hi friend, good evening. or p800 and a very problematic printer to be adapted for the desktop. she usually misses it due to poor alignment. his code appears on the panel as 0x150d. I've had several here and don't use this epson model anymore. in addition, the cleaning season lasts only 90 days. because the rubber is weak because of the uv ink. the l1800 and p600 last longer. I am a printer manufacturer in Brazil. and as I've known him since 2015
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