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50/50 cotton poly blend wont take transfer

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Heres the result of having the temp set to 400F and the time set to 120 seconds, and another run at 72 seconds. The yellow is extremely vibrant at 72 seconds, even though its difficult to see in this shot. The other colors however dont even show, and I had them split up into 6 distinct CMYK +Black and grey stripes


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Looking at that the ink is not sublimation ink.

At that temperature just about any length of time would give results for all colours on 100% poly and not as vivid but definitely clearly visible on 50/50 polly cotton.

I have tried many different inks and will now only use sublinova as I find the results the best by far.




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I hear CobraInks Also has great Sublimation inks- I use The Pigmented ink they have, have been for the last 3 years or so. He only offers them for certain models though, since they are color matched. He does have color profiles i believe for some of them.


Do you have a photo of the ink? Sound silly, but they have a distinct color difference vs Dye and pigmented from my experience. 

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Is it possible I just need to purge the lines of the old ink? Seeing anything at all is suspicious. I printed 2 13x19 pages covered edge to edge in CMYK to try and clear the lines prior to printing anything with the sublimation ink, perhaps I need to print more. Ill be manually marking some paper with the ink to see if it is indeed sublimation ink. 

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