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Re: Printing costs

 by Zinalias ¦  Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:25 am ¦  Forum: General - Start Here ¦  Topic: Printing costs ¦  Replies: 7 ¦  Views: 439

yes, i'll do that.
i'll see if i can get some RTP for comparison, but bringing them for production will be very expensive and maybe not profitable, so i will have to master the pretreatment process anyway, later on i'm planning to build a pretreater.

hope to have some pics tomorrow

Re: Printing costs

 by Zinalias ¦  Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:03 pm ¦  Forum: General - Start Here ¦  Topic: Printing costs ¦  Replies: 7 ¦  Views: 439

Now i'm finally printing and getting kind of a good whites, but i'm afraid i'm laying down too much white in order to get a good underbase, so i like to ask if its normal to lay down something around 9-10 portions of white for 1 of cmyk. In other words, for a good cmyk+w print on a dark shirt, is it...

Re: Platten moving rude

 by Zinalias ¦  Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:45 pm ¦  Forum: General - Start Here ¦  Topic: Platten moving rude ¦  Replies: 11 ¦  Views: 997

Thanks Andy. in the video, at 1:37 a facebook or whatsapp notification rang on my cell, i was recording with it, hope you don't mean that click sound, xD , actually in that moment it is printing the EKprint logo so it is moving right. It makes sense that eliminating the watermark print will eliminat...

... If I do go down the Open DTG road (still thinking) ... Don't know if its too late for my tip, but here's what i suggest: 1) If you're willing to work with Dtg and don't mind if you build it or buy it and you have the money to buy it, then buy it, buy a printer ready to print. It will save you a...

Re: Platten moving rude

 by Zinalias ¦  Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:30 pm ¦  Forum: General - Start Here ¦  Topic: Platten moving rude ¦  Replies: 11 ¦  Views: 997

Also noticed the motor drive in the AIO board gets hot, don't know whats the normal heat but last night it called my attention cause i felt heat from the main board area at 20cms away with the cover on top, i checked and the driver was reaching anything from 50 to 100 celsius (122-212 fahrenheit). I...

Re: Platten moving rude

 by Zinalias ¦  Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:57 pm ¦  Forum: General - Start Here ¦  Topic: Platten moving rude ¦  Replies: 11 ¦  Views: 997

Here's another videos, cause sometimes it moves rough and sometimes it just move in slow steps. haven't checked if in both cases it misalign the print or just when it's rough, but anyway just the rough or slow movement it's annoying and very time consuming. Again, when it prints or when do platen in...

Re: Platten moving rude

 by Zinalias ¦  Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:26 pm ¦  Forum: General - Start Here ¦  Topic: Platten moving rude ¦  Replies: 11 ¦  Views: 997

Hi, i think this is a more raleted thread to my issue. some times my prints don't align, checked the belt and pulley and they dont skip (i have put a mark on them and they're fine). then i found a relation between my platten moving rude sometimes and the prints not aligning. it doesn't moves rough a...

Re: EK Print Studio

 by Zinalias ¦  Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:55 pm ¦  Forum: RIP Software ¦  Topic: EK Print Studio ¦  Replies: 71 ¦  Views: 12724

Surely this is not the topic for this issue anymore but i haven't find the right one so if you point me a little bit i'll keep the conversation there. Thanks I tightened the belt until the motor had a hard time to move the platter, then loosed it a bit, seems to work better but find this: at 720x720...

Re: EK Print Studio

 by Zinalias ¦  Sat Jan 06, 2018 6:12 pm ¦  Forum: RIP Software ¦  Topic: EK Print Studio ¦  Replies: 71 ¦  Views: 12724

Ok, i will check that. Thanks!

Re: EK Print Studio

 by Zinalias ¦  Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:49 am ¦  Forum: RIP Software ¦  Topic: EK Print Studio ¦  Replies: 71 ¦  Views: 12724

That's the only way? that leaves me with a problem cause when i send 2 times the same print one after the other with out moving anything, just pressing Print again, it doesn't print exactly in the same spot, the 2 images printed are misaligned. if it is supposed to print exactly in the same spot the...

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