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  1. Which inks would you recommend for sublimation?
  2. Fuck...the black almost immediately clogged and now all I get are faint bands. This is really frustrating.
  3. ITS VERKING! Heres the result of smearing the ink directly onto the transfer paper and firing it at 380F for 50 seconds. Now does anyone know the best process for flushing out the lines and clearing everything out 100%?
  4. Is it possible I just need to purge the lines of the old ink? Seeing anything at all is suspicious. I printed 2 13x19 pages covered edge to edge in CMYK to try and clear the lines prior to printing anything with the sublimation ink, perhaps I need to print more. Ill be manually marking some paper with the ink to see if it is indeed sublimation ink.
  5. Heres the result of having the temp set to 400F and the time set to 120 seconds, and another run at 72 seconds. The yellow is extremely vibrant at 72 seconds, even though its difficult to see in this shot. The other colors however dont even show, and I had them split up into 6 distinct CMYK +Black and grey stripes
  6. Yeah its sublimation. I took a risk and used some off the shelf sublimation ink without a lot of reviews from "trytheink". About to do another test with 100% polyester bolt of cloth, will post results in a bit.
  7. Is this a result of my poor choice in shirt, or is it a result of the ink? At best I can get the yellow to leave a faint ghost, but the other colors wont take at all.
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