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  1. Thanks for your support here! Someone said its from the CSIC assembly being wet. So when I'm done with this job, I'm going to shut it down and let it dry out. I kind of rushed putting stuff back together. I am using OEM carts now and just refilling those.
  2. OK! So.... While I was waiting for an answer, I found the repair manual and found out where that sensor was and took the head apart. I was using non oem carts in the beginning and here is what I ended up with. After I put it all back I am able to still print. I do however get a cool light show when I use the "replace cartridges" function. I don't know if that is going to bone me in the future or not. IMG_3215.MOV
  3. one more piece, sorry. A nozzle check prints fine from the cassette.
  4. Thank you! how do I do that do I need to pull the head? or just paper towel and head cleaner?
  5. all of the sudden this morning my film will feed and then jump forward about an inch and then a jam error. Was fine last night. In a time crunch today. Any advice would be amazing. This happens in any application with plain paper as well. Cassette will feed and print fine. Any thoughts Thanks in advance.
  6. Is that just for the xp-15000 or in general? We are looking at a p400 for a secondary. Thanks
  7. I've converted our xp-1500 and have AcroRip working. I'm struggling with the film sheets being detected. More times than not I will only get a partial print right down the center. If i put a normal piece of paper in, AcropRip will print just fine and not think twice. Is there a sensor I need to block off somewhere? Thank SM
  8. @johnson4 Do you still have that license for EKPrint for sale? is it updatable to the latest? NVM just saw your latest reply
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