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  1. We have a %50 white underbase under our black designs. It does it on everything black we print, very odd.
  2. What setup are you using at the moment if I may ask? We are having our white prints come out fine, but anything with black in it, is washing out after the first wash. We are stumped.
  3. Let me know how it goes for sure. We're new at this, so any tips would be helpful. Have you guys ever washed any shirts to see how your prints are holding up?
  4. So we actually do not wet cap. We were told by the people installing the printer that because of our climate and the way our room is setup, we wouldn't have to wet cap. We started to print in color and noticed that our color head was producing stripes in the print, so we started wet capping last night. What kind of printer yall using?
  5. We ended up having to replace the print head. Nothing else was working so we had to get another head.
  6. We seem to be having an issue with certain designs washing out after one wash in the washing machine. Could this be ink or heat related?
  7. Understandable, going to run it today and see what happens, hopefully I didn't damage anything, but I printed some designs after and it looked great.
  8. Yeah, it is indeed spinning. I did flush the head with some clog buster and did a push and pull method to see if maybe there was some dried ink on the nozzles, and I ran some stuff and it seemed fine, I'll run some more stuff tomorrow and let you know if it continues, and if it does, I'll get more dampers ordered. Ill be in touch, thanks.
  9. I had thought so too, but it seems to be directly correlated to how much ink is on the film because, it doesn't feel grainy right after I purge the lines, but does when it starts to thin out, so it's alittle confusing.
  10. We just got the printer roughly about 2 1/2 months ago. We clean the wiper and clean the excess ink around the capping stations daily. We only operate M-F so the printer stays on without printing for two days with the circulation pump runs during this time. And yeah, after I purge the line or load ink, it prints fine, the glue sets as it should. But as I start printing more and more, the white seems to start thinning out and I start getting that grainy feeling with the glue like there isnt enough ink for the adhesive to cure fully.
  11. On our Printer program that came with the printer has a button that says "Load Ink" which pulls and replaces the ink in the lines.
  12. Printer : Oric 24” Professional DTF Printing System Ink : DTF Superstore White Film : (A3) 11.75" x 325 feet Roll of DTF Film - Hot Peel Humidity : 55% Temp of Room : 73F Temp of Shaker : 127F Having issues with my white ink dropping out in the middle of my print. White prints perfect right after you load ink, but starts to drop out the more I print with it, causing it to start striping in the middle of a design. When this happens, the powder adhesive doesn't seem to fully cure and seems to be really grainy and almost looks like its cracked when it comes out of the heater, and the designs themselves are very delicate and seem to crumble away. My first instinct was the temp wasn't hot enough for the glue to fully cure, but I tested it right after I did a load ink and it cures perfectly fine. Whenever I notice this, I do a test print and notice that at least 4 or so channels aren't pushing out any ink. I try to do a cleaning on the PrintEXP software and it makes those channels come back alittle bit, but doesn't seem to do much unless I load ink. I'm at a lose, if anyone can help, it would be awesome, thank you!
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