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  1. Thanks! I did end up getting the ones from Inkowl. Onto the next acquisition...
  2. That's what I was wondering... if the chipless firmware existed for this printer. No, I didn't find any, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, right? Thanks for the reply! Very valuable to this newbie. I do have one more question. There seems to be a wide variation in prices for refillable ink carts... $20 to $140 for a set. What should one be looking for to compare?
  3. Good morning! Doing research and slowly gathering supplies for my R3000 to print DTF. I'm trying to determine if I should get a CISS or just use refillable ink cartridges. I'd like to know the pros and cons of the CISS from experienced users. Good? Bad? Ugly? Also, if not CISS, and refillable carts are the way to go, do I use chipped or non-chipped? If non-chipped, do I need to reprogram something? Research has been a little confusing. Although, I have found that all 3 are an option for this printer but not sure about the reprogramming... Any help on this topice would be greatly appreciated!
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