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  1. Thank you anyway. Also I will try to update tomorrow if cleaning the nozzles improves my situation.
  2. That makes sense thank you. While I have you here could you mind giving an example of what settings you would use in EK print to print all white lettering? I want to rule out I am doing anything silly there as well.
  3. Thank you for the thorough response! You are a huge wealth of knowledge on this board and I greatly appreciate how willing you are to help! I am going to try cleaning the nozzles and see if that helps. I have yet to get a print charge to complete with the utility, every time I have ever tried it immediately errors out saying it has trouble reading certain cart chips.
  4. I have an Epson P600 that I converted to DTF with supplies purchased from Andy. Things seemed to be working great, however I seem to be having issues printing white at this time. I am working through some troubleshooting steps and wondered if this is normal behavior. I felt like the level of white seemed to be thinner than normal so I turned of white underbase in EKPrint and noticed it is not printing ANY of the white in the image when I do this. When I turn on white underbase it prints white just fine but like I said it seems to be thinner than expected. The opacity when pressed on a shirt would be about 75% which is what my underbase is set to. Does this sound like normal behavior or would this point to a potential issue? I remember seeing somewhere in the forum one of the most active users was having great white only prints and I am hoping I can get this sorted out and get to those level prints with white on a dark garment.
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