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  1. That seems easy enough! What RIP program do you recommend? Also any ink/transfer/powder recommendations? Which site you typically purchase through? Thanks for all of the information! I ordered some ready to press transfers from someone - I wanted to see how the felt before I jumped in.
  2. Thank you. I seen a P400 on another site pop up for $645. Its out now of course and says 8 weeks for backorder. I'm thinking if I can get my hands on it I'll go that route. I appreciate it. Does anything need to be done to it daily? Or what would I need to do to it when I know it will have to site for a few days not being used?
  3. Hello. I'm trying to decide between a P400 used from marketplace for $700 or a P800 epson refurbished for $699. I only plan on printing around 30-50 prints per week, no larger than 13x19. So it may go 3-5 days without printing. This is my concern. Which printer would be better for this type of printing? Which printer is easier to maintain?
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