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  1. So, just making a little thread with my updates on the 15000 DTF. removing the rollers is super easy and easily reversible. so far, the empty refillable carts hold 17ML of ink each, comparable to the p400 which can get 30ish prints per ink set. Chipless is available, and works fine. swapping pre filled ink carts appears to be easy, and quick. ekprint RIP supports it, and works fine with it. So far, no issues at all with the “sponge” type cartridges. Ink settings are a bit different, but still Plenty of white ink for a one pass. prints the same speed as the p400/p600/p800. Chipless does NOT include the maintenance cart, however a $25 resetter is available. overall, it’s printing satisfactory, just like my p400. VERY cheap way to get into DTF sheet printing, I’m in it $205 ready to go printing DTF film, minus RIP. will update as time goes by and issues arise .
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