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  1. Funny enough, I found this forum by googling how to try to make my own auto DTF machine, and I came across your thread where you made your own. If this works well manually (thinking of converting an Epson 1430 that's been laying around for a year just for some orders), then I will be following your plans to make an automatic machine as well. Can't wait for you to get that done. As for the money savings...I will absolutely be buying from here, not China. I currently use white toner printing (biggest regret ever), and each sheet costs a minimum of $4 (not including ink costs). That's not f
  2. I really appreciate your help. It's ridiculous that a company claiming to be DTF experts would give me transfers that have those type of results. It really turned me off and got me questioning if I should give DTF a try. So basically, if I get everything from DTFSuperstore...medium powder, film and inks...then I should be good to go.
  3. I've been looking into DTF the past month and the one concern I have is that I came across samples and videos with a rough edge on prints due to the powder. Attached is an example from a sample I ordered from one DTF supplier that I pressed myself (loose powder was ALL over the transparency by the way....is that normal?). Also attached is a screenshot from a video I saw on YouTube that looks even worse. I got a black powder sample which looked fine on a black shirt, but I tend to use all types of colors of shirts for my customers. I believe I saw a comment here from @johnson4 mentioning
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