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  1. Ya, I originally downloaded the firmware on the front page, them made the mistake of following the instructions... I understand it's not going to print DTF pretty slow, but in terms of printing pictures as a regular printer, it's fast, even at high res.
  2. On a side note, this thing prints full page pics in about 6 seconds.
  3. Okay. I think I'm back in business. The chipless firmware site I used (https://chiplesssolutions.com/) had the correct firmware on the main page, but also had a link to a different version on the instructions page. I assumed the instruction page was the most recent, but I was wrong. I used the firmware from the main page and it's printing fine. I didn't do an extensive testing, but it would F-up pretty quick with the other firmware. It also never prompted for auto tray close when powering off with the other firmware and now it's prompting all the bells and whistles. Also before I ran th
  4. After doing some tests, look like it has something to do with the chipless firmware. If I install the original Epson firmware it works fine.
  5. I think got a bad printer... I bought brand new, so not an issue with it being used. I keep getting, "The print head may require maintenance because the printer was not turned off correctly. It is recommended to perform a print head nozzle check before printing. To turn off printer be sure to press the @ button." If I try to run any maintenance tests, the print head just moves up and down a couple times then the screen says, "Turn on printer again, see your documentation for more details." Don't see anything in documentation that addresses this behavior. It's been doing this since I set
  6. Have the XP-15000 at the house now Setting up so I can flash the firmware for chipless. Once that's done going to do some print tests just to make sure it's working correctly out of the box. Once that's done I'll do whatever conversion steps I can do until I get the rest of the supplies.
  7. @johnson4 How do you like the quality of the XP-15000? What ink do you recommend. I'm going to be doing a lot of knockout black with tight lines. Will the granular size of the powder matter? I don't want any edge overflow.
  8. The empty cart swap seems like the way to go. There's gonna be times I prob won't print for a while so the clean and store method is perfect. Glad I joined this forum. I figured I'd be researching the printer side for another day or so. Now on to what ink, film and powder...
  9. johnson4, you must have posted at the same time I did. Thanks you, sir! You filled in the grey area! I grabbed the chipless firmware earlier today. Once I have it installed I'll buy activation code, unless there's a free version I missed. Will scrap the CISS idea. Just thought that would be the way to go. Is there any US based companies that sell the empties at reasonable price? I don't want to wait weeks for aliexpress.
  10. uhim, tanks for the input! Yes, I did take that into account and from my investigation, EKPRINT supports the XP-15000, so that does not look to be a problem. My concerns still lie with the other questions in my original post. Hopefully I can get some guidance on those points as well. I've worked on projects like this before and going in blind always ends up spending money when I don't need to.
  11. Hello, all! New to the forum and had some questions... I'm purchasing an Epson XP-15000 and I've pieced together the basics of what I need to do to get up and running. somewhere during my travels on the internet I read that the XP-15000 has issues moving certain transfer films through the printer. Can anyone verify this? If this is true, is there a recommended transfer film to use with the XP-15000? Looking for a CISS kit as well. Found one for around $150. Seems a bit high, but to be honest, I couldn't find much for the XP-15000 and I really don't know what the going rate
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