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  1. I have some pictures attached for the settings, I got the one from Andy but can't find anything other than the program. The program says DTF superstore rip so Im actually not sure what it is. That's awesome about EKprint I may have to look into that as this program has limited information from what I can find
  2. Hello! I have just setup our p600 dtf printer from here. I am having trouble getting the white to show up white on colored shirts. Is there ICC profiles for the ink from dtf superstore? Using Acrorip I believe and set the white to 100% but it just pink and very thin. I am hoping there is something else I can try or may have to resort to vinyl which were trying to get away from. This print also was set to 100% white under any color pixel. Dtf is obviously new but I can't find a good set of profiles to use with various colors of shirts and acrorip
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