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  1. Hi all, Have you guys ever try to use DTG ink as DTF ink? As website recommend user should use kodak dtg ink as dtf ink. I guess DTF ink is DTG ink with added somethings to make it better to print on PET film. What kind of materials was coated onto pet film?
  2. I tested, P400 can only use original P400 printhead - part #FA24000. P600-P800-R3000 use the same printhead. Thank all!
  3. Have anyone experience with replacing printhead in these models. All printhead of these model are DX5 and same structure and mechanism, but I not sure how Epson locked it? I asked my friend from Vietnam, they confirm that P400 can use R1900, R2000, R2880 printhead. is that true for printer in US?
  4. acrorip v10 supported XP 15000, P700, P900. Anyone here already convert these models to DTF printer, please advise and share your experiences? Thank you
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